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Our Family Tree

Welcome to the Family Tree!

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If you'd like to help please supply me with information and photos.

At this point my plan is to have the following information for each person on the tree.
I'm planning to add more info as it comes available.

Full Name (First Middle Initial, Last)
• A Photo
• Date and Place of Birth
• Date and Place of Passing

• A Brief Bio

I'm very interested in getting your feedback, if you find an error, please let me know and I'll get it corrected asap.

It's coming along, hope you all enjoy!

Shawn T. Murphy

Last Update: 09-04-15

Key family members in
chronological order.

List will update as pages are added.

John Bulger, Sr. - 1788
Patrick Murphy
- 1796
Michael Fitzsimmons - 1798
Joseph Murphy - 1827
Thomas L. Murphy - 1851
Martin Tierney - 1855
Michael C. Tierney - 1885
Pius M. Murphy
- 1887
Margaret C. Tierney - 1891
Allen Heffington - 1901
Florence Tierney - 189?
Kathleen Murphy - 1917
Richard Roberts - 1926
Kevin E. Murphy - 1930

Northwest Express Tree
An abridged outline
for northwest clans

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