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Patrick Murphy

B: County Wexford, Ireland - 1796
D: P.E. Island - 1876
Parents: ?

Bridget A'Hearn

B: ?
D: 1860?
Parents: ?

About 1820 Patrick immigrated to Lot 11 P.E. Island from Newfoundland where he had been engaged in the fishery for approximately four years. He had originally immigrated to Newfoundland about 1816 on the schooner, "the Dudley" from his home in county Wexford, Ireland. He settled in the wilderness along the north bank of Frederick Cove (Freeland Creek) and on February 13, 1836 leased one hundred acres from Sir E.H. Walsh, proprietor of Lot 11. Patrick had very likely been residing on the property since his first arrival and had only been obliged to obtain a lease after the arrival of a new agent for the proprietor in 1834. He had cleared a fine farm and tilled the soil, which overlooked the creek, until his death at the age of eighty.

(Excerpt from "Along the North Shore" by J. Clinton Morrison)


Elizabeth M. Kerwan

Children: 3


Mary Bulger

Children: 12
Thomas L.
John S.
Pius S.
Joseph P.
Stephen J.
James A.
Michael A.

Augustine Callaghan
Spouse: ?

Children: ?

Note: It is thought that Bridget was a widow before she married Patrick. Her deceased husband was said to be Michael O' Callaghan and that they had a son, Augustine.

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