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The Family Tree has been updated - 01-07-11

Welcome one and all!

First up, I would like to let ALL relatives know that I wish to include you.

The Tierneys, The Hillis,The Roberts, The Radfords,
The Nelsons, The Gales, The Grotheers, The Murphys
and all descendants and spouses thereof.

Yes, the site is named "Murphy Clan of the Northwest", I am a Murphy and very proud of it, and so it is.

However, family goes much deeper than names and as I have grown older, I've realized the importance
of family and our heritage. We are all connected by ancestry, history and love. I hope we can
strengthen old bonds, rekindle those that are lost and create new ones.

About this site

We have four main features to get involved with.

• Discussion Board - A place to share family news, history and have discussions.
• Calendar - A place to share your upcoming events and find out what's happening with all the family.
• Photo Gallery - Check out how grey our hair has gotten, and hey, while your at it share some pics of your own!
• Family Tree - An ever growing family timeline, I hope you all pitch in and share some info and Photos!

BONUS! Email Account - You can get an email account, yourname@murphyclannw.com


At this point, I'm not one hundred percent convinced that personal data is safe on this site. So, for now take care that you don't share something that could lead to Identity theft. I'm considering moving to a more secure, dedicated server and adding a security certificate, but that takes $$$.

Finally, I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you choose to get involved with the site, as much or as little as you wish.

Shawn Tierney Murphy

last update: 2-15-12

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